Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Natural Soap Emporium has its own Website!

I have finally got around to moving with the times and I'm very happy to report I have a real live website now!

The Natural Soap Emporium has its own site, complete with lots of info, lovely pics and even a blog.... yup, a blog. I thought it would be easier to keep everything contained in one area as I kind of have bits here there and everywhere with facebook, etsy and a separate blog.

Soon I will have my online shop up and running on the website too and that will mean its all there in a neat little package :-)

I would love you to pop over to the new site and check it out.... I'll be hanging out there a bit from now on! I'm hoping I can keep the blog updated a little easier, without the blogger issues that happen over here :-/

The Natural Soap Emporium 

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