Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mmmm... milky honey biscuits?

If there's anything I love doing more than the creative process of making my soap, it's the following day when I get to turn it out and cut it :-)

I try to make each batch differently, when making natural soaps I think it is important that they don't all become standard size, shape, texture etc. I have already limited myself by not using strong synthetic colouring, as many soapmakers do, to differentiate between their soaps, so texture and form are important to me.

I also enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect 'mold' for each batch - which is very rarely an actual mold, in fact I don't even possess a real soap mold! I use boxes of every shape and size, pipes, tubes, cookware, tins, tubs, cartons... whatever I think may make a 'good' shape.

For this batch I wanted fairly chunky shapes which I could decorate both top and bottom - not an easy task, until I found the perfect box. Now I'm possibly giving away all my secrets here, but that's ok, I know you won't tell :-) I have made this soap before and it sold like hotcakes, so I recreated it only tweaking slightly to add some creamy almond milk to my honey & oats recipe.

The decorative touch.... well you can probably see now how the honey comb effect is achieved! Here is the 'slab' before cutting ----

And about half an hour later, hand cut into generously sized chunks and ready for the drying racks. The Natural Soap Emporium kitchen smelled like a warm honey & milk drink with oaty biscuits!

The bubble-wrap honeycomb effect is on both the top and bottom surfaces. The soap itself is unscented and made with colloidal oatmeal, honey and almond milk. I am loving the 'rustic and rugged' handmade look of my soaps, and have lots of compliments about their appearance so I will keep on doing what I am doing!

Ah. Loved the cutting process today, now it's just a patient 4 week wait until they are ready to use!

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