Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Some recent creations!

Here are some of the soaps I have created this year, which are still available in small numbers. Our Coffee & Cinnamon kitchen hand soap sold out alomst immediately, which was fabulous new for me! So I had to get making another batch of those, and they will be available in the next couple of weeks.

All of these have been made with vegetable oils (various combinations of olive, coconut, palm (sustainably harvested), ricebran, soybean, castor and almond oils). I have made unscented bars and others with essential oils or natural additives such as honey, oats, milk, herbs.... all of these make fabulous soaps!

If your favourite isn't here, fear not! I have plenty more 'curing' at the moment, and feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see at The Natural Soap Emporium. I can't promise, but all requests will be considered!
This one is an unscented soap made with Almond Milk. It is topped with oats and I love the shape, which I created by using an old fasioned ring shape cake mold! The thinner bars at the front are for some sampler boxes I will be selling soon. This is a great one for vegans who normally miss out on milk soaps!

Honey and Oats soap, gently exfoliating for a nourishing scrub :-)
They have a cute honeycomb effect on the top of each bar and a gentle smell of natural honey, which has excellent healing properties for the skin!

Orange & Poppyseed - my personal favourite at the moment! It's gentle fragrance comes from the uplifting Sweet Orange essential oil and is released every time I shower.... mmmmm! The combination of scrubby poppyseeds and fresh orange helps me wake up on a morning (and I DO need help sometimes!)
Chunky bars that last for ages :-)

And pure Castile soap - made with only Olive Oil, water and lye. This is the purest of all soaps, and the oldest known man made soap going back centuries!
I love the pure gentleness of this soap, its gorgeous creamy white colour and I wanted to remain true to the simplicity of this soap by cutting it into plain rectangles, nothing fancy, just pure and simple.

This is perfect for babies and young children, elderly frail skin, post-surgery or anyone with sensitive skin.

And lastly on this post is Lavender & Oatmeal - another exfoliating one with a gorgeous lavender aroma from pure essential oil. Both Lavender and oatmeal are renowned for their skin soothing and healing properties, perfect ingredients for soap!

I much prefer a decent size, chunky bar of soap that looks handmade and where every ingredient is carefully considered -  to a factory smooth, every-one-identical synthetically perfumed bar. There's no comparison!

I'd love your thoughts on my new range, feel free to leave a comment and come back soon!


  1. They look beautiful :)
    Are you selling them in the Mountains or on line only?

  2. Thanks Anne :-)
    I'm selling through Studio 52 in Blackheath , as well as online, although I'm trying to find a few more in various places further down the hill. I'm playing with the idea of doing a market or two as well. I will keep you up to date through here if I do!